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The only way to move files back and forth from a Windows computer and the MP3 Player is with iRiver’s proprietary software called Control Center 3. Please format the player on Windows only. And wearable it must be: If you purchase one of these and it still has the original MPT firmware, you’re going to need to find a computer using old version of Windows, load Control Center 3 on it, find the new firmware online and update it on the player. It is user friendly. The one problem is that it has a small flash memory. You’re better off sliding the iFP onto a belt or into a pocket.

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And that software doesn’t work on newer versions of Windows! My wife and I both bought the MB versions then got these smaller ones for her sisters birthdays. When the upgrade is finished, your flash player will power off automatically.

Great product and value My wife and I both bought the MB versions then got these smaller ones for her sisters birthdays. Mirror 1 Mirror 2. The third negative is the denseness of the menus – it’s a bit hard to navigate around without having to refer to the manual repeatedly.

The player should be connected to the PC with a USB cable while you check the firmware version information. Here’s other similar drivers that are different versions or releases for different operating systems: Do not disconnect the USB cable, turn off the unit, or remove the battery during firmware upgrade.


Furthermore, this iRiver MB MP4 ifiver you to chase jriver away while commuting, riding in a car, or traveling thanks to its ample battery life.

Iriver iFP Manuals

No big deal, except that it makes it difficult to keep the cord on our favorite third-party ‘phones from falling out of the player. Show less Show more. I had hoped that it could just be plugged into a computer and recognized as a legitimate USB device, but no. And only icp-890 will you be able to use it like a storage drive in new versions of windows.

The mobile world might finally get exciting again in Convenient for recording but needs special software I use this unit to record backup audio, not as a playback unit. Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s Review Sections Review Specs.

The first negative is its sensitive “joystick” control. Don’t show this again. If the latest firmware version is currently on your player, you do not have to upgrade. That’s unfortunate because when we did manage to keep our fave Grado headphones plugged in, the iFP ifp8-90 some truly satisfying audio, whether we were playing Hank IIISpearheador just about anything else from our audio collection.

We found irp-890 Sport Band terribly unsporty when we strapped it on; the combination puts the weight of the MP3 player out far enough from your arm that it flaps with every movement. Product Key Features Storage Capacity. It uses a normal AA battery.


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iRiver iFP-890 Manuals

Apple’s iPod Touch gives you a good portion of the iPhone 6 experience in a tiny package, Upgrades from the Manager version to the MSC version, will delete all your data saved within the player during the firmware upgrade process. Skip to main content. Continue to next page 01 With several hours of recording time in the highest quality setting and its small size, the iRiver is a convenient piece of gear to iffp-890.

We wish the buttons were better labeled: This unit is a great addition to a videographer’s gear and a great irkver for people who need portable recording capabilities. This item doesn’t belong on this page.

I’ve pinned this on grooms in a wedding and the pickup was perfect for not only him but the bride and the minister as well. You really do get about 40 hrs batt life. Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted